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Jane & Plinio - TAS - ELIMINATED

Yahoo7 May 29, 2013, 2:38 pm

Growing up in country Tasmania on a remote commercial pheasant farm, fishing store manager Plinio, 47, hadn't seen "much of the world" until he met Jane, 45, a Melbourne girl who had just moved to Hobart after getting work with the Salamanca and Zootango Theatre companies.

"My contracts were at an end so I went back to Melbourne and Plinio followed me," reveals Jane. "We travelled all around Australia in an old HiAce van, starting with the east coast, then up through the middle and later through Western Australia when I was five months pregnant with our son, Jarra, 16, who we named after the beautiful eucalypts from that region."

Keen to continue travelling, the pair relocated to Melbourne before Jane became pregnant with their second
child, Nina, eight. Moving again to Yamba, northern New South Wales, the couple were married not long after they bought their first home there.

Eventually getting "itchy feet" again the couple sold their home in Yamba and returned to Tasmania where they purchased a three bedroom weatherboard home in New Town in December 2010.

Both "anti-materialists" and self-confessed "late starters", the couple hope House Rules will revamp their house which "desperately needs a renovation", admits Plinio.

Although Jane, a high school drama teacher, has never renovated before, she hopes her years of constructing theatre sets and ability "to see the possibilities of a space and how it can create a real
mood", will help her and Plinio throughout the competition.

Plinio, on the other hand, whose favourite tool is a sledgehammer because "you feel a bit like Arnold Schwarzenegger when you are wielding one," has always kept himself busy with practical jobs. He spent
his 20s working during the house boom. "I did everything from stacking bricks to pouring fittings, plastering and a lot of painting," he says.

Despite having more practical renovating experience, Plinio reveals he is a self-confessed procrastinator who will need Jane to help him make the big decisions. Family orientated, the hardest part of the competition will be missing their children.

"We will just have to get over that, they will be fine," says Jane. "But my head will be at home thinking about them."

Describing their decorating style as uncluttered, Plinio and Jane would like to open up the small, dark rooms in their house and transform it into a modern space whilst still retaining the house's original 1930s features.

Keen to embrace their green principles, Jane hopes to pot indigenous plants in their garden and design a house which is eco-friendly.




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