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  • Tributes to a young teenager who's life was lost too soon (video)

    A young man who was killed by a shark in our Great Southern is being remembered as the life of the party.
    17 year old Albany boy Jay Muscat was attacked at Cheynes Beach.
    Today his friends paid tribute to him
    Verity Gorman has more.

    December 30, 6:31 pm
  • A Broome policeman glassed for doing his job (video)

    Good evening.
    First tonight,
    A police officer has been glassed in the face while trying to apprehend an offender.
    It comes after a crackdown on stolen vehicles in our state's north.

    December 30, 6:31 pm
  • Off duty parademics save a man's life in a busy supermarket (video)

    It's common to hear reports where a health worker has been first on the scene during an emergency.
    This time it has happened in our north.
    And the patient has been reunited with the off duty paramedics who saved his life.

    December 30, 6:31 pm
  • (video)

    The hunt for the shark is on-going but it could have been in the area for some time.
    A Mount Barker family have recalled the moment a shark stalked the shoreline of Cheynes Beach only days before the fatal attack.
    They say they couldn't believe th

    December 30, 6:31 pm
  • A deadly jellyfish stings a beachgoer (video)

    It's exactly what you don't want on your morning swim on Christmas day.
    Potentially fatal Irukandji box jelly fish.
    And they made their way to Broome over the weekend - forcing the popular Town Beach to close over the Christmas holidays.

    December 30, 6:19 pm
  • No women allowed at this Men's shed (video)

    It took four years to do but men in our Wheatbelt have banded together to build a men's shed.
    Four hundred and forty thousand dollars was donated to build the project to encourage men to feel part of a community.

    December 30, 6:19 pm
  • A Bunbury motocross star on a mission to change the sport (video)

    It can be a tough gig being a female motocross rider.
    A lack of competition and sponsorship means many women miss out on the chance to ride competitively.
    But one young West Aussie is making it her mission to change that.

    December 30, 6:19 pm
  • A teenager killed by a shark attack (video)

    And back to our lead story.
    Verity Gorman joins us from Cheynes Beach.

    December 30, 9:07 am
  • A horrific crash takes the life of a four week old boy (video)

    Flower tributes have been left on the side of the road where a young child tragically lost his life on a WA country road.
    The baby boy would have been one month old today.
    Rachel Chandler has more.

    December 30, 9:07 am
  • A Busselton teen making waves (video)

    A Busselton teenager is making waves in surf lifesaving,
    He's the first person to be selected to compete at a state level,
    from the Busselton Surf Lifesaving Club.

    December 30, 9:07 am
  • One of the biggest speedway crashes (video)

    Thousands packed the Bunbury Speedway over the weekend and got a little bit more action than they bargained for.
    You can mix perfect weather, and the nations best drivers, but that doesn't mean it'll all go to plan.

    December 30, 9:07 am
  • A call out for more people to donate blood (video)

    One in three people will need blood in their lifetime - but only one in 30 donate on a regular basis.
    It's why our blood bank nurses say - the only late Christmas present they want this year - is more appointments.

    December 30, 9:07 am
  • Two people killed and another seriously injured over Christmas (video)

    Yet another person has been killed on our roads over the Christmas break, taking the State's holiday road toll to two.
    And both crashes happened on regional roads.

    December 30, 9:07 am
  • An emergency landing in the country (video)

    Two experienced pilots have survived a terrifying emergency landing in the State's south west.
    After a problem was reported with the plane's landing equipment.

    December 30, 9:07 am
  • A dairy company's office in the Goldfields up in flames (video)

    A dairy company in the Goldfields have escaped a massive damage bill thanks to their quick thinking care taker.
    After their office building burst into flames just a day after Christmas.

    December 30, 9:07 am
  • A new website connecting neighbours in the country (video)

    Even though we live right next door to them, a lot of people don't know their neighbours.
    Eliza Laschon looks into a new way to connect to the people next door.

    December 30, 9:07 am
  • A dramatic 7 year man hunt over (video)

    Good evening.
    First tonight.
    A seven year man hunt for one of Australia's most wanted fugitives has come to an end in our Goldfields.
    Sarah Vasey joins us with the details.

    December 24, 6:43 pm
  • Hot weather conditions make this fire extremely dangerous (video)

    An asbethos clad shed in Glen Iris has caused a series of different blazes.
    The cause of the fire is unknown.
    But had firefighters concerned in today's hot weather conditions.
    Rachel Chandler has more.

    December 24, 6:43 pm
  • A very special relationship between a cancer survivor and her nurse (video)

    Two Bunbury women are preparing for the trip of a lifetime.
    To head to the Commonwealth Bank Ashes Pink Test,
    to represent the McGrath Foundation.

    December 24, 6:31 pm
  • Tips to keep your food fresh this Christmas (video)

    When it comes to the festive season, West Australians are hard at work in the kitchen.
    But when it comes to preparing traditional meat dishes, there are a few tips you need to keep in mind.
    To make sure your meat keeps fresh this festive season.

    December 24, 6:31 pm




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