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  • Region devastated by suspicious fire (video)

    While our South West is dealing with a bushfire disaster.
    Our Great Southern is reeling from a destructive fire that is now out, but has left many devastated.

    February 6, 7:07 pm
  • Town gets new lease on life with new sport grounds (video)

    Millions of dollars worth of sport facilities are set to breathe new life into one of our towns.
    Kendall O'Connor reports.

    February 6, 7:07 pm
  • Researchers reveal a cure for hayfever (video)

    If you suffer from hayfever and asthma - and about 3 million of us do - you already know we're at the peak time for sneezing and breathing misery.
    Allergies to summer grass pollens - is the main reason - and it can be be life threatening.
    Now some

    February 6, 7:07 pm
  • Anger grows over prescribed burn program (video)

    The fires have triggered much debate over prescribed burns.
    Parts of the fire are being fuelled by bushland with a 50 year fuel load.
    Rachel Chandler reports.

    February 6, 7:07 pm
  • A lucky escape for an Esperance family (video)

    Fires have also threatened homes in Esperance.
    One family told us how they are lucky to be alive, after becoming trapped as the blaze raged around their home.

    February 6, 3:07 pm
  • The South West prepare for the worst (video)

    A watch and act is also still in place for North Walpole.
    It is not safe to stay and defend there.
    Meanwhile, the fire that's been threatening Boddington has spread, raising alarms for even more South West towns.
    Concerns have been growing mostly

    February 6, 3:07 pm
  • Truck crash causes massive blaze (video)

    Homes have also come under threat in Albany after a hay truck crashed and started a fire.
    Kendall O'Connor is there.

    February 6, 3:07 pm
  • Tent city set up for fire crews

    The Defence Force has set up a 'tent city' for crews fighting the massive fire near Northcliffe.

    February 6, 1:23 pm
  • Some relief as we enter 7th day of the Northcliffe blaze (video)

    Today came something everyone has been hoping for, rain. It might just be enough to help all those evacuated residents get back home.

    February 5, 6:43 pm
  • An ocean surprise, what exactly is it? (video)

    Video of a gigantic school of salmon off a WA beach has become an internet hit.
    It's so big, it's thought up to ten tonne of fish are in it.
    Meilin Chew reports.

    February 5, 6:31 pm
  • Sailors set to take on a commemorative race (video)

    Dozens of sailors will take to the water for a yacht race from Albany to Fremantle.
    The commemorative event starts on Anzac Day.
    Kendall O'Connor reports.

    February 5, 6:31 pm
  • Massive initiative to grow more food in regional WA (video)

    Our State Government has revealed details of a forty million dollar program to grow more food in more places.
    It has the potential to unlock vast expanses of dry unusable WA land, and turn it into farms.

    February 5, 6:31 pm
  • A solution to a growing problem (video)

    Youth suicide is a growing problem in WA, especially in our remote areas.
    Well now, our state government has made a small step forward to do something about it.

    February 5, 6:31 pm
  • WA facing biggest fire crisis in decades

    The South West is dealing a bushfire that's fast turning into the biggest in WA's history. Northcliffe and Windy Harbour made it through the night.

    February 5, 11:00 am
  • Smoke and ash covers the south west (video)

    Residents all over our South West have woken to find their towns covered in a layer of ash, and blanketed in smoke from the fires.
    It was an eerie and incredible sight in one town in particular.

    February 4, 6:43 pm
  • Two homes destroyed as blaze enters its sixth day (video)

    For a sixth day the people of Northcliffe are just waiting for what seems to be inevitable.
    Their homes are indefensible.
    But authorities are still trying to get people to leave their properties.

    February 4, 6:43 pm
  • A fun way to improve falling maths scores (video)

    Australia is running out of people to work in science, technology and engineering.
    Because school kids aren't doing very well in maths.
    Now experts are convinced the answer lies in apps, that link maths to real life experience.

    February 4, 6:43 pm
  • A woman and her child rescued from burning home (video)

    The fire is so big and the conditions are changing so often that there is a real fear it could reach Pemberton as early as tomorrow afternoon.
    In Northcliffe two people have had to be rescued from a burning home.
    And in Windy Harbour, people have f

    February 4, 6:43 pm
  • A Collie mother and daughter's lucky escape (video)

    A man has been killed by lightning while walking his dog in Perth.
    Today, we spoke to a mother and daughter who had a miraculous escape.
    After their home was struck by lightning.

    February 4, 6:43 pm
  • A home trashed by a bunch of kids (video)

    A homeowner has been left devastated, and a town has been left shaking their heads.
    After a home was trashed by vandals.
    Trashed doesn't even come close to describing what has been done to this house.
    You have to see it to believe it.
    But what is

    February 4, 6:43 pm




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