BoysTown, which runs the Kids Helpline counselling service has said that sexting-related education campaigns should be targetting children and young people between ages 10-18.

Almost 500 young people across Australia have contacted the Kids Helpline service between January and March this year with sexting-related concerns. More than 75% were female. One in three were aged between 10 and 14 years.

Along with the potential for humiliation, bullying, harassment, sexting also has legal consequences if the pertson involved is under 18 as it could be considered to be child pornography.

A cyber-safety campaigner has said that young people need to be taught more about the ethical use of technology and how to preserve their own and other's reputations.

Have you talked to your kids about what is an isn't appropriate for mobile phone use?

What about taking it one step further... Should there be an age limit on the use of mobile phones?