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Asylum Seekers to leave

ForumsAsylum Seekers to leave
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    3 minutes ago

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    Posted Thu 28 Jun 2012 19:47

    Im not racist i do belive in fair go for everyone but i really think this is a diffrent story as we have other australians without homes food water yet were willing to build places for overseas people to live in, it actually doesnt seem fair at all to any australian with out a house or food or water as they were here first housing should be built for the less advantaged australian FIRST PRIORITY, if we were to board a boat and rock up to a random country i really dont think that we would be as welcomed as we welcome others, they should be shipped straight back out, we give them sympathy when there boats sick which i admit is sad, altho how stupid could people possibly be knowing there boat might sink and risking killing there children which in most cases the perants bring there children for the fact it makes us feel more sorry for them.. at the end of the day stay were you are, if they do reach it to australia send them back and think about our own before we go helping others.
    25 Jul 2012

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    Posted Sun 08 Jul 2012 18:43
    I agree 100% with this!
    black opps 1
    16 Dec 2008

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    Posted Tue 11 Sep 2012 08:23
    as soon as they get of boat no id , stick on a plane send straight back . any trouble from others will proceeding , stick on plane and send straight back .zero tolerance .
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