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    17 Apr 2012
    Posted Thu 28 Jun 2012 09:05

    In the wake of 130 people being recovered from the water after a vessel sunk midway between Christmas Island and Indonesia on Wednesday morning, Prime Minister Julia Gillard has made a last minite plea to Senators from all sides to accept a compromise deal on the processing of asylum seekers.

    Last night MPs voted 74-72 to pass independent MP Rob Oakeshott's private bill that would give the government its people-swap deal with Malaysia and the coalition's preferred option of a detention centre on Nauru.

    Here's where the parties stand:

    The Labor party has approved off-shore processing for Nauru but wants a Malaysia option as well.

    The Liberal/National coalition wants any country in the UN convention but not Malaysia.

    The Greens want no off-shore processing.

    What's your opinion on this issue? Should Australia process asylum seekers on-shore?

    3 days ago

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    Posted Thu 28 Jun 2012 10:00
    There should be NO PROCESSING at all. Turn the boats around and send them home. I tell ya, as a small business owner, these guys are getting it easier than what I am. I'm born and bred in Australia, LOOK AFTER OUR OWN FIRST...
    17 Dec 2008

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    Posted Thu 28 Jun 2012 13:24

    I say no way!!!! I have nothing against a multicultural society if it is done through the right channels and it is legal. I don't believe the Australian taxpayers should be billed for the intflux of these people. they then complain about their living situation here. If it is so bad then they obviously didn't have it that bad where they came from. Their own country should be billed for their upkeep. We have many people trying to come here legally and are knocked back, but they keep trying and it is not a cheap ride. These asylum seekers fork out plenty of money to get on these unsafe boats bringing whatever sicknesses they have with them at the risk to other people and as far as I am concerned that is not very humane. Then we have the ones in the accommodation that are unhappy with what they are getting for FREE so they become violent and start riots. Anyone of them involved in the riots regardless of starting them or not should be sent back to their own country and the bill for their travel should be given to their government for all their expenses. Then our government says that they will pay $300 to house these people yet they do not ofer the same advantage to the many Australians that are living on our streets. If we floated in on boats to their countries would we be given the many privelages that we give them...I think not!!! Our forefathers fought for the right of AUSTRALIAN people to have their say and to live without fear of people,
    20 hours,59 minutes ago

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    Posted Thu 28 Jun 2012 19:55
    Accept Immigrants no problem at all but not when they come over illegally. Put all the ones that come over illegally on boats on the first flight back to where they come from and bring over the ones that are waiting patiently through legal avenues. The amount of Tax payers money spent on these illegal immigrants is appalling to say the very least. It costs a fortune to keep these illegals in detention centres for long periods of time and they get more luxuries than all of our homeless and most of our pensioners. We should be processing legal immigrants from their own country and therefore very little cost to the Australian public. They pray on our good nature and use woman and children on these boats as an excuse for us to treat them fairly. Its time we got tough and showed them we are not easy targets. Then maybe they would think twice about getting on a boat in the first place. C'mon the Australian Government lets start getting tough on Illegal activity instead of allowing people to do whatever they like when they like because our Human activists have too much say in how we discipline bad behaviour. Lets get back to a little bit of justice for bad behaviour and coming over illegally on boats is bad behaviour.  
    20 hours,59 minutes ago

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    Posted Thu 28 Jun 2012 21:24

    no i do not think we should accept assylum seekers.
    we have a housing problem - why ? obviously que jumpers are getting in first.

    They are not refugees.  We have enough homeless people in Australia, not to mention schools needing more funding, hospitals as well.

    If the government wants an answer to stop the boats, try placing the navy on the international water boundary from indonesia and then sent them back and apply for the right to come here.
    05 Feb 2009

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    Posted Fri 29 Jun 2012 20:28
    I love spending thousands of dollars & 3 years trying to get my partner into the country. What I should of done was just put her on a boat. It would have got her in the country quicker & cheaper & the government would have supported her whilst she settled in. Got to love the logic of our politicians. There is no incentive for people to do the right thing. Where might I ask are they getting the money to fund these trips? Most likely from relatives who have already landed here & using the money our government has given to support them to send to their loved ones. Cease their payments I say & send them back!!!




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